Consulting Services
Many ideas to awaken your entrepreneurship and I appeal especially to small and medium-sized businesses today can not afford to make mistakes in the destination of a marketing budget or other services. If you do not want to invest in the Internet do not do it ... but do not say that he did not understand the power of this tool ...

MPM - Web Solution offers advice and personalized services aimed at companies, professionals, individuals, organizations and associations.

MPM - Web Solution cares to offer customers tailor-made solutions in order to respect the expectations and needs, and each proposed solution will be studied, designed and produced to ensure the optimization for search engines and contextualized on request, in a web marketing strategy is constantly growing and evolving.

In addition to the web, there are information technology consulting in other areas, which are closely related:

1. Database. Design and analysis of databases for small businesses. Developments of applications based on database, in order to enable the automation of the work.

2. Graphics. Design and graphics.

3. Support PC. Pc maintenance, cleaning, installation and removal of software and utilities. Even remotely!

4. Web programming courses and computer based. From the basics to web programming languages​​. For those wishing to delve into the social world, courses on the social web and usage. The courses can also be held online via skype.

5. Revisions texts. Transcription services, typing and formatting text; transcription texts from media files, implementation and design presentations and slideshows.

Many services at your disposal ... please do not hesitate to contact me!
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