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A company must be in step with the times. Often, the pace is frenetic and market needs change every day. Having software that allow to automate internal business processes, is useful in terms of time and resources. MPM Web Solution develops small and simple web applications, in order to help you automate your work, collect and manage new leads and increase your visibility.

Do you have a restaurant and would like to manage your reservations? Do you have a spa, a salon, a studio and you want to manage your appointments?

You need to order online enrollment, with automatic generation of an Excel file and send email?

Do you want to collect new contacts? Organize / host events or you have a product that you have to distinguish and you want to create a small site, which allows the user particular actions, after access?

You are a merchant or a manufacturer of consumer goods? Associates a page describing the product, so that the information is accessible online and mobile, by QR Code

Would you like to have a real tv channel? Check out the web TV.

There are plenty of ideas that can be developed. Taking advantage of the web technology you can create applications that will be studied and designed based on the needs of the customer, providing simplicity and intuitiveness.
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