MPM STYLE - How it works
Certainly, in the environment used to hold, the presence of a monitor gives exclusivity, providing a targeted communication to their customers and making more exclusive environment. The system, based on a dynamic structure, allows you to send text messages, videos and thematic news in a professional, integrated and enjoyable manner.

MPM STYLE is easy to use, very intuitive and suitable for beginners for fast creation of content (palimpsests) without the aid of no programmer. It offers the possibility to create schedules by using pre-existing configurations in the system as layout, insert images, videos and decide the sequence of them. Also allows you to insert your company logo directly into the base of the graphic layout and additional programming functions, to select the background more suited to the environment, etc..

Although this is an application on browser with format already loaded in shape and color, you can integrate the system with additional functionality, allowing customization of any additional needs with respect to these sections supplemented with data, website, management, etc...
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