Digital signage
Digital signage comes into the public eye more and more as a tool to improve internal and external communication, to promote products and give new added value services, with maximum speed and simplicity.

Digital Dignage is a form of advertising, digital advertisements, or video poster digital poster designing, whose contents are shown to the recipients of electronic screens or video projectors specially arranged in public places. Throughout the world, alongside the traditional communication tools based on new digital technologies able to improve dialogue, interact with customers and contribute to sales.

Digital Signage has grasped this need by developing content and technology. Digital and Mobile Signage Systems are information media based on hardware and software technology, such as LCD panels, Plasma or LED and Bluetooth transmitters, SMS that combine the latest visual technology to interactive information services: all this to meet the increasingly need for provide dynamic and advertising audio or video news and information, with more efficiency, simplicity and clarity.
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