Happy Birthday Dian Fossey: a Doodle celebrating the lady of the gorillas!
Volpedo, 2014, January 16

Google dedicates doodle to the American zoologist Dian Fossey, in its 82 years.

Dian Fossey, the American zoologist who dedicated his life to the study of gorillas in Africa was born January 16, 1932, exactly 82 years ago. Considered one of the most important primatologists in the world, was part of the group "Trimates", ie the mandate by the famous archaeologist and paleontologist Louis Leakey to study primates in their natural environment. The group consisted of three women: Jane Goodall, Birute Galdikas and Dian Fossey.

Dian used his fame to publicize the cause of the gorillas are threatened by poachers who put at risk the survival of the species. Famous are photos in which the women is touched by one of her most beloved gorilla, the young male "Digit" to bear witness to the close relationship of affection established. Digit, the gorilla that is in one of the most famous photos of her, touches her hair. Undertaken hard battles to safeguard both the habitat of gorillas is the same primates.

But this passion led her to death! He was killed December 26, 1985 in his tent on the Virunga Mountains, Rwanda. The murder weapon was a local thing, the "panga", used by poachers to kill the gorilla once trapped.

The story of Fossey and her commitment to the study of gorillas became famous with the movie "Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Dian Fossey" released in 1988 and starring Sigourney Weaver. The film was adaptation of the eponymous book, written by Diane Fossey, "Gorillas in the mist".
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