Google and robot: science fiction or reality?
In recent months, the Giant of Montain View has acquired seven companies in United States and Japan in the field of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Here are the new acquisitions of BigG:

Atofuss. Robotics company specializing in commercials.

Bot & Dolly. Specializing in motion robotics and special effects.

Holomni. Adding wheels able to accelerate a vehicle in any direction.

Induastrial Perception. Company that has developed the use of robotic technology with a visual guide to automate the loading and unloading goods.

Meka Robotics. It comes from MIT and builds robotic parts safe and friendly to humans (head, eyes).

Redwood Robotics. Produce new generation of robotic arms.

Schaft. Japanese company that is dedicated to the creation of humanoid robots.

Andy Rubin, the father of Android will head the new project robotic signed Google: does BigG want to move from the Android robot in real androids, robots with human features that we usually see in science fiction movies?

Google is investing a lot in the field: in 2009 had initiated the project of the Google Car. At the time, the car was driving without a driver and the windshield wipers are activated when it rains, without human help seemed like science fiction. Now projects are real and tangible. The purchase of seven companies and the creation of a dedicated staff, headed by the mind of Android, is to assume that he is thinking Bigg automation of industrial production processes. According to the New York Times, in fact, Google is reportedly planning robot for the assembly of electronic products. According to some analyzes, however, can not be excluded that the possobilità such as Amazon, Google is thinking about robots for use in their own home deliveries: According to Rubin, the automation of the process would not miss an opportunity that could change things radically.

The era of robot does not seem far away... What will the Google Robot? What will? It will arrive in a few decades to have robots that can replace us in some daily activities: cooking, cleaning the house, go shopping with the Google Car, walking the dog, gardening, ironing? Yeah maybe, I'm running too much with the imagination, but one thing is certain... Robotics is evolving more and more and one of the largest innovation technology giants has helped to begin a new era. We just have to wait and see how they will understand what they will be able to make these little robots...

Well, the Android robot is beautiful, nice, funny... this makes me assume that future robots will look like friendly, almost funny...

And you, as you imagine the little robots of the future?
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