Google actives Voice Search on Google Chrome!
Volpedo, 2013, December 3

Google has added an extension on Chrome browser for desktop systems that integrates the features of voice search. Hovering the mouse over the microphone a message appears that informs us of the possibilities of this new feature. By clicking the icon you will be directed to a screen where the user is asked to perform the search using only your voice. The query will be delivered automatically written in the search field and the results no reported below. Another way to activate the voice search is to use the combination "Ctrl Shift .". Within a few days you can download the Google Voice Search Hotword extension that makes it faster.

How does it work ?

First, We download free extension Google Voice Search Hotword from Google Chrome Store and allow Chrome to access the microphone of computer or portable. Then, opening (Note: DO NOT we will see in search bar the message, "say ok Google". The real news is this: saying "ok Google" will activate an immediate voice search! We should recognize our voice and prepare audio analysis. Uttering our search query at the exact moment in which the search engine will tell us to do so, we will see the phrase just spoken on the screen and after a few moments we will return all results.

The extension is still in beta version. Being of a curious nature, I immediately run a small test, uttering different sentences. I have to admit that Google is able to interpret them correctly. And aren't you curious to try? If you like, leave me your comments on what Google have understood.
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