Google: a tour of the canals of Venice through Google Maps!
Volpedo, November 28, 2013

The evolution of Google continues day after day: Google Maps are an example. Although nothing is comparable to a real journey, the giant of Montain View allows us to see, navigate and learn about places thousands of miles apart. An example of this is represented by one of the most beautiful cities in Italy: the magical and enchanting Venice. The city entirely photographed by Google, is made available on Google Maps for a beautiful trip through the canals.

A portal dedicated entirely to Venice. Take the tour and be enchanted!

"Take a journey. Welcome to Venice, Italy, the city built on water. Travel the canals, walk the streets, ride boats, cross bridges and plan your own adventure in one of the world’s most unique cities.": this is the welcome message from Google.

But what can we do exactly? The possibilities are many. We see the various sections and try to understand them together.

Step back in time. You can see changes of Venice over the centuries along its main historical moments.

Roam the city. Have you ever wondered how do Venetians move? In a town where the cars are excluded, here is a presentation of alternative available modes of transportation. In this section you can decide whether to go to Venice on foot, by boat or gondola.

Take a tour. Are you an art lover? In this section, you can compare several famous works of art, which represents the city and are available in Google Cultural Institute, with the current Venice and see how it changed over the years. Google Cultural Institute is a virtual museum in which are collected exhibitions and collections of museums and archives around the world. Masterpieces and treasures in an extraordinary level of detail.

Get lost. Do you know Street View? Take your journey and move to streets, squares and canals. For more suggestion, you can activate the sound in the background, that will accompany us throughout the trip.

Choose and live your perfect day. Explore landmarks and historic restaurants, adventure, history and romance! The places visited are plotted in a map that you can keep it.

Are you the adventurous type? You're passionate about military history? Explore the Venetian Arsenal, a set of shipyards, the center of italian naval power. On the Grand Canal, do stop at the Taverna del Campiello Remer: delicious food and live music. Like contemporary art? Discover the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

Want to live a day in history? Who among us has not heard of the Cafe Florian, one of the oldest cafes in Europe, with a splendid view of St. Mark’s Square? Perhaps, many as me have heard, have admired from outside its splendid decorations, but they never had the courage to enter. BigG virtually, allows us to sit in beautiful rooms, sipping something and admiring the magnificent view of St. Mark’s Square. After a stop in one of the historic Venetian cafe, we continue with a visit to Gallerie dell’Accademia, home to one of the oldest Great Schools in Venice, where you can admire a beautiful collection of Venetian art for centuries. Concludes the journey a walk on the oldest bridge spanning the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge.

Are you the romantic type? Google offers you thinking about a trip to the couple. Let's start with one of the most romantic and legendary Venice, the Bridge of Sighs. According to legend, a kiss on a gondola under the bridge ensures eternal love. It continues with a stop in one of the best ice cream in Europe, the Boutique del Gelato. If you love theater, you can admire the Teatro La Fenice, one of the most famous theaters in Europe and richly decorated.

I'll be a thousand times in Venice, but every time is like the first. Always beautiful, magical and unique. Of course a real trip between streets, canals and squares is a different matter, but if like me you'd go there more often without occasion, this becomes a great tool to relive it for a few minutes. Similarly, if you've never been is a great tool to decide in advance the itinerary: although it may seem easy to turn everyone knows how extremely easy to get lost in Venice.

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A brilliant idea that Google ... and what do you think?
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