The landscape through a tweet: an Italian proposal for UNESCO week!
November 16, 2013.

From November 18 to 24, will be held the eighth edition of the UNESCO Week for Education at Sustainable Development 2013, dedicated to themes such as landscape, beauty and creativity. For the occasion, the University of Siena has thought of a vast operation of communication and network sharing, taking advantage of one of the most popular social network, Twitter. "Telling the landscape with a Tweet to keep it, know it or improve it": this is the proposal the university that would aim to raise awareness on conservation environment and landscape.

The initiative #paesaggioedu

The initiative #paesaggioedu, sponsored by UNESCO, is being organized in partnership with the Landscape Museum of Castelnuovo Berardenga and the Society for Geographical Studies of Florence. It aims to make education of landscape and sustainability through the tweets. During the UNESCO week will be sent many tweets, with one common theme: the landscape. The initiative is aimed to all: schools, students and citizens. All are invited to attend tweeting photos, quotations, interpretations, opinions, suggestions, links, photos, readings and all that has as its theme the landscape.

With appropriate software, experts of Ladest (Laboratory for analysis economic, social and Territorial University of Siena), led by Professor Cristina Capineri, will filter all messages coming from the country. The two best tweet will win the award for "Best Friend of the @Landscape 2013". A report on the analysis of the content and geographical distribution of tweets received, will be online at the end of the experiment.

How to participate in the first mobilization for social protection of the landscape?

1. Follow #paesaggioedu hashtag or @Landscape_Edu profile

2. Turn on geolocation and allow the sending of tweet's position

3. Write your tweet followed by #paesaggioedu and #cosaèpermeilpaesaggio

Example tweet. "For me the landscape is that of the country #paesaggioedu #cosaèpermeilpaesaggio".

More information to this link!
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