What will celebrate the animated Doodle with psychological aspects proposed by Google?
November 8, 2013. Google celebrates Hermann Rorschach with a new animated and psychological Doodle!

Big G on the occasion of the 129th birthday of Hermann Rorschach (8 November 1884 in Zurich) creates a sympathetic Doodle reminiscent of the famous "Test on the spots" of the Swiss psychiatrist and scholar, belonging to the Freud's current.

What is the Rorschach Test?

The test consists basically of 10 boards. Each table contains an ink stain symmetrical: 5 monochrome, 2 two-color and 3 coloured. The Swiss physician committed many years of study and research to determine the choice of the boards, the features and the order of presentation. It is a widely used test in the clinical setting, to determine and explore the interpersonal dynamics of an individual. The test consists of subjecting the 10 boards to the individual and the latter will have to say what you see depicted in each table. By the interpretation of responses, it's possible to determine a personality profile and identify possible problems of the subject.

How does the test work? Find out with a video...

What Google offer?

Big G for the occasion sudden psychologist, reinventing in a convivial and interactive key, a method widely used psychodiagnostic. The interactive Doodle proposed by Big G ​​is an animated drawing in black and white: the stain changes at the click of a mouse. What appear?

As soon as you land on the page of the search engine, we see something very similar to a study of psychoanalysis. The therapist on the left and the user, subject to analyze. Out a sheet of paper, on which the spots take shape: the test starts! We can have fun trying to figure out what we see in each spot and share it all on the major social networks (Twitter, Facebook, and Twitter). "Share what you see" is the invitation of Big G​​, an initiative really nice!

The interactive Doodle...

And what we see in the spots?
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